• This page contains the most common issues encountered when you are unable to log in to the Member Advantages section of the DAV website.
  • Note that sometimes our web site may be down for short periods of time due to maintenance. In those cases, just attempt to login again at a later time.
  • Your password is case-sensitive.


  1. Entering Your Information Avoid these common mistakes:
    • Do not enter any spaces.
    • Enter your correct membership number EACH time you attempt to login.
    • There are no letter oh’s in a Membership Number — if there is a ‘0′ in your Membership Number, it is a numeral zero.


  2. Firewall and Anti-Virus Software and Scripting Security – There is a known issue with some security software:
    • Note: This is particularly an issue with Norton Firewall and Anti-Virus software.
    • The Membership page uses .NET scripting to perform a login. Unfortunately, this particular page will not work with certain security software that prevents all scripting.
    • Currently, the only solution is to temporarily disable your security software when attempting to log in to the Membership section.
    • Note: It is also possible that all scripting is turned off in your Internet browser. Check with your browser help files or contact your ISP to find out how to view and change these security settings in your browser’s options.


  3. Having the Correct Information – Verify your Membership Number:
    • If nothing else is successful for you, you should contact the DAV Membership Department (1.888.236.8313) to make sure that both you and they have the correct Membership Number.
    • To verify your information, you can contact our Membership Department using our Contact Us page.  Select “DAV Membership” as the Topic. Important: Make sure that you state in the “Comments:” section that you want to “Verify Your Membership Number”.
    • Also make sure that you fill out all required fields (marked by a red asterisk).


  4. Internet Browsers – Recommendations (If you choose not to upgrade using one of the options below, you may experience pages not viewing correctly)