DAV Structure Page ImageDAV advocates for those men and women who defend the American way of life, and our leadership structure reflects that. Since our founding, our National Commander has been democratically elected by our member veterans. That tradition ensures that the DAV will always put service for America’s veterans first.

DAV Executive Committee 2021–22

  • National Commander Andrew Marshall, Florida
  • Sr. Vice Commander Joseph Parsetich, Montana
  • 1st. Jr. Vice Commander Nancy G. Espinosa, Utah
  • 2nd Jr. Vice Commander Daniel Contreras, California
  • 3rd Jr. Vice Commander Coleman Nee, Massachusetts
  • 4th Jr. Vice Commander John Donovan, Arkansas
  • Past National Commander Stephen Whitehead, Minnesota
  • NEC 1st District James Follis, Massachusetts
  • NEC 2nd District Thomas Ingram, New York
  • NEC 3rd District Robert Guldner, New Hampshire
  • NEC 4th District Ronald Werlich, Connecticut
  • NEC 5th District Phillip Arnold, Pennsylvania
  • NEC 6th District Michael Dawson, West Virginia
  • NEC 7th District Frank Chicollo, Florida
  • NEC 8th District William Baker, Alabama
  • NEC 9th District Gregory Keesee, North Carolina
  • NEC 10th District James R. Dempsey, Michigan
  • NEC 11th District Michael Stith, Ohio
  • NEC 12th District Eric Huckaby, Illinois
  • NEC 13th District George Hall, Kentucky
  • NEC 14th District Robert Hill, South Dakota
  • NEC 15th District Karin Hansen, Kansas
  • NEC 16th District Clyde Maddox, California
  • NEC 17th District Floyd Watson, Wyoming
  • NEC 18th District Glenn Hohman, Arizona
  • NEC 19th District JoAnn Gavin, Washington
  • NEC 20th District Charles Edwards, Texas
  • NEC 21st District Danny Oliver, Oklahoma

DAV Board of Directors 2021–22

  • Stephen Whitehead, Minnesota
  • Vice-Chairman, Joseph Parsetich, Montana
  • Secretary J. Marc Burgess, Kentucky
  • Treasurer William Baker, Alabama
  • Director Frank Chicollo, Florida
  • Director Floyd Watson, Wyoming
  • Director Charles Edwards, Texas
  • Advisor, National Judge Advocate Michael E. Dobmeier, North Dakota
  • Advisor, National Commander Andrew Marshall, Florida

National Judge Advocate 2021–22

  • Michael E. Dobmeier, North Dakota

National Chaplain 2021–22

  • Debra Varner, Alabama